G8Agri (Krishimate™)

G8Agri (KrishiMate™) Solution

Utilize the most of Agricultural data with ICT for Bangladesh

G8ICT Limited is offering a G8Agri (KrishiMate) - a revolutionary application software solution concept available with Web and Mobile platform for Agriculture industry in Bangladesh. The solution is targetted to utilize most the already existed data to help the stakeholders in Agriculture industry including Farmers, Traders, Importers, Distributors, Governing Bodies, Researchers, Students and all others for a better agricultural community in Bangladesh. We expect the platform can boost the lives of Farmers and improve the overall farming process, post-harvesting, distribution, analysis of demand & supply within the process. The system will also allow to get Central reporting to ensure decision making is backed by authentic data.

Key Features of G8Agri (KrishiMate™) System

  • - Farmer Database with Demographic Details
  • - Traders Database with Demographic Details
  • - Help with real-time weather updates
  • - Locate Supplier, Buyers & Storehouses
  • - Enhanced Market Access
  • - Track Daily Wholesale Rate Updates & Market Trends
  • - Helps to better control on Agricultural Market for plan, forecast & execution
  • - Cost effective communication with specific stakeholders like Farmers, Marketers, Governing Bodies with announcements and updates
  • - Centralize Reporting to Track Trends, Better Decision Making, Engage Required Authority & Individuals
  • - Helps to establish e–Governances



Our solution, can be utilized to ensure benefits for the livelihood of our Farmers in Bangladesh. The solution can empower the Farmers to make decisions based on available data and help them for smart cultivation. However, this helps timely communication, real time market data and many more. Here are the key benefits for Farmers by G8AGRI solution

  • - Crop Selection based on season and land
  • - Seed Selection based on availability and season needs
  • - Crop Combination Knowledge to ensure the maximum output from soil
  • - Real-time Weather Updates
  • - Fertilizer selection
  • - Sourcing fund/loan info
  • - Skill & Competency Development
  • - Proper harvesting method & preservation method
  • - Timely communication with Governing Bodies (DAE, BADC & so on)

G8ICT's G8AGRI (KrishiMate™) can help the Traders in their Planning of procurements. By knowing the Source of Supply, forecast of Weather, market Trends, Traders can make better decisions and can guide their team members/agents accordingly. Few of the key benefits for Traders are here...

  • - Know the Source for Supply
  • - Guide the field level agents properly based on availability of data/source
  • - Promotion within Targeted Users
  • - Plan What to Buy, How Much to Buy and Where to Buy and Where to Preserve if needed
  • - and many more...
  • - Sourcing fund/loan info
  • - Skill & Competency Development
  • - Proper harvesting method & preservation method
  • - Timely communication with Governing Bodies (DAE, BADC & so on)

Sorting out the unemployment problem in Bangladesh by offering the most up-to date platform, market analysis data by G8AGRI (KrishiMate) is one if the primary concern of G8ICT. Making information easily available and scope to do reach out Traders & Farmers will bring lot more Entrepreneurs in Agricultural sector in Bangladesh. Few key benefits are here...

  • - Know the source of supply/raw materials
  • - Know the up to date list of Dealers, Agents, Traders & Prices
  • - Source of all sort of data for Research
  • - Understanding the Business Needs
  • - Set Business Plan based on Industry Trends
  • - Skill & Competency Development
  • - Platform of Information for Students & Investors
  • - Skill & Competency Development
  • - and many more...
Governing Bodies

Be centralized with the Research Data, Filed Data, Market Data and Analyze trends became possible with G8ICT's G8AGRI (KrishiMate) solution. Governing Bodies can have the following benefits...

  • - Sourcing Types of Inaccessible Data
  • - Guide farmers with wide range of centralized Info
  • - Increase accessibility in grassroots level
  • - Hub for Data uploaded by Farmers
  • - Trend analysis based on primary data by Farmers and Plan
  • - Knowledge & Competency Development
  • - Skill & Competency Development
  • - Push updates/News
  • - and many more...

G8AGRI (KrishiMate™) helps the Ministries to monitor the industry. The solution can contribute as well to better plan, timely & targeted communication with Farmers & Traders. This can help ensuring the e-Governance and also help to step forward to achieve 2020 Digital Bangladesh Goals.

  • - Central Hub for information from Farmers & Traders
  • - Data Analysis for various decision making
  • - Data Validation with existing data and new data through G8ICT’s G8AGRI (KrishiMate)
  • - Plan Ahead based on Trends
  • - Know Market Demand & Supply backed by real data source
  • - Push Updates (News, Announcements) to Specific Stakeholders
  • - Ensure E-Governance
  • - Achieve 2020 Digital Bangladesh Goals
  • - and many more...

G8AGRI (KrishiMate™) can help the technology and knowledge partners as well to ensure the Corporate Social Responsibilities and better Brand positioning all over the country in all different age groups and social class. They can be benefited by the following...

  • - Meet Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • - Developing Brand Value
  • - Scope for Brand Positioning
  • - Better Brand Positioning
  • - Lowers down Cost for Branding
  • - Scope to reach out Mass population
  • - New Phone Connectivity roll out
  • - Increase platform for learning
  • - and many more...