PASS™ - Process Automation Software Solution

Process Automation Software for Organizations with Complex Process Flow & Distributed Resource

G8ICT Limited has introduced the most advanced Customer & Internal Support Service Automation system PASS™ (Process Automation Software Solution) for Bangladesh to ensure the proper Track of issues, record keeping & Reporting. This will improve the efficiency of the team and individual along with meeting various compliance requirements in day to day business operations.

The PASS™ Software System is suitable for

Outsourcing Firms

Garments & Factories

Buying Houses

Public Safety Providers

Defense & Armed Forces


E-Commerce Shops

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Telecom Service Provider

Pharmaceuticals Companies

Travel Agents

Government Offices

How the PASS™ system works?

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The Process Automation Software Solution (PASS™) by G8ICT Limited can be deployed with unlimited possibilities. Organizations having multiple Branch Offices, Factories, Support Centers, Offshore Offices in different locations can adopt the PASS™ system to be a Single Operational Network to manage the internal and/or external issues. The Role Management function allows to separate the permission level at different level to ensure right person has access to right information & panel. This platform helps the organizations to offer a seamless support to its stakeholders and engage Operational Teams, Execution Teams, Management Teams with Customers & Clients for a better flow of Business Process you expect from Management.

Fig: Possible Deployment Model of PASS™

PASS™ for Your Operational Excellency

Keep track of all issues. Doesnt matter small or big having impact on the overall organizational process, always keep track of issues and problems

  • - Report issues easily
  • - Manage issues & problems by category
  • - Assign respected departments
  • - Get Real-time Updates

As there are saveral compliance issue like ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS), HITECH, HIPAA and industry specific custom Compliance requirements for proper service and support by your organization, You will be easily able to meet the compliance requirements by PASS™.

  • - Easily track conversations
  • - Track Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • - Get SLA Violation Reports
  • - Make Employees & Teams Accountable

Service Level Agreement (SLA) which are cruitial for business success in many cases requires attention properly for each case. The Service agreements between You and Your Customer could lead you at top if all SLAs are managed properly. Otherwise, you & your customers would be in big loss due to process gap

  • - Track all Issues by SLA
  • - Get Updates in Real-time
  • - Escalate pending issues on time to
  • - Get Real-time Updates

Do more than the traditional process offers you. Engage all your teams, individuals or even differnt branch staffs, departments or the decision making team to resolve issues faster.

  • - Engage Remote Teams
  • - Engage different Teams as required
  • - Engage Decision Makers & Management
  • - Ensure proper team & skill collaboration

Make your Team & Members associated to operations Accountable for their duties & responsibilities. Often, the process delay happens due to the lack of Accountibility of individuals which can be improved by PASS™ system.

  • - Define Teams by Types of Problems
  • - Get KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for Individual or Team
  • - Notify & Engage Decision Makers / Management as soon as required
  • - Get Approvals & Support from distributed Teams if necessary

By PASS™ get updates in real-time. By the System Notification or Emails you or your associated team members can get update of tickets, issues, happenings and extend the support to ensure operational success as whole.

  • - Get New Issues by Location/Branch
  • - Category wise Reporting for New, Pening, Ongoing & Resolved Tickets
  • - Ensure Team & Individual KPI by Department & Team reports
  • - Get SLA & Other policy wise reports

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