Daktartime - Online Appointment System

Daktartime is an online Appointment system for Hospitals & Clinics. Appointment Management was never as easy and robust before. With Configurable Time, Date, Associates, Departments, Specalty Hospitals & Clinics can manage all Doctors profile and publicly make them availble for Appointment for patients & visitors.

Added to the benefit of digital record keeping, You can ensure KYC (Know Your Customers), treat them accordingly and generate reports as needed for the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly for each Individual & Department.

With minimum investment, the benefits for achieving digital record keeping goal for unlimited period of time and ensure better customer and helps decision making for the Management body. Plus a pre-designed Website for your Organization by the system will boost your Market Positioning among Competitors, Suppliers, Customers & Employees.


Benefits for Doctors

  • Knows upfront the upcoming Schedules
  • Automatic distribution of Time Slot for each patient
  • Knows how many patients left for the day
  • Can give better service to the Patients
  • Can get better service from Assistants
  • Get the right information anytime, anywhere
  • Control Schedule by Self-Login

Benefits for Patients

  • Book appointment online from anywhere
  • Search Doctors by Branch, Department or Speciality
  • Know upfront the available Time Slot for your Appointment
  • Get Notification via Automatic Email, SMS for Appointment status
  • Get notified for Events, Campaigns time to time

Benefits for Organizations

  • Be a part of Digital Bangladesh Goal
  • Avoid Time & Resource consuming Paper based Process
  • Get the right information anytime, anywhere
  • Highlight Services, Doctors to attract more visitors
  • Stay ahead from your Competitors
  • Store Data for Years without incurring any cost
  • Secure business data over cloud & save from disasters
  • Generate reports from Past, Present & Future
  • Make decisions backed by Data
  • Manage your Resources (Branches, Staffs, Services, Investments, Facilities) Effectively & Efficiently
  • Manage the list of Doctors/Consultants easily (Add, Edit, Disable, Remove)
  • Manage your Own Website
  • Initiate Campaigns among visitors/patients for Events, Awareness, Achivements by Email & SMS

Key Features of Daktartime

Built-in Website

Built-in Email & SMS Integration

Easy Organization/Branch Setup

Easy Department/Services Setup

Detailed Doctors Profiling

Assistants/Associates Profiling

Doctors-Assistants/Associates Linking

Robust Scheduling Options

Automated Time-Slot distribution based on Visit Time

Powerful Reporting

Optimized for All Devices

Secured with Three Tier Technology

Developed with Laravel Framework

Customizable for any special functionality like Online Payment

Scalable for Any size Organizations

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