How it Works

eHealth is a online platform for all by G8ICT Limited to get consultancy support from renowned specialists from different category. Its an initiative to make healthcare service at your fingertip through the consultants, where sometimes getting schedule is difficult or when an emergency response/treatment is needed. It enables the remote medical service facility no matter where you are and no matter whenever you required as we know, how important it is to get timely patient care. The process is simple but solid

Registered Doctors at Your Service

We have a list of Doctors from a wide range of spatiality Registered with our eHealth program. These doctors/consultants are from different locations and from different hospitals/clinics. You can check their profiles from our eHealth micro-site

Choose Your Desired Consultants

All our registered doctors/consultants are from renowned locations and from renowned hospitals/clinics. You can check their profiles from our eHealth micro-site. You can chose while submitting your request which Specalty you need and which doctor/consultant you are comfortable with.

Place Your Request for Patient Care

Based on the need of patient care, you will be able to choose your required pre-defined problems. You will also see the difference in fee for the doctors once you select the Problem Type & the Consultant names.

Get Consultancy Support

Once you are done with the request, Doctors will get notified immediately and our team will do the follow up on behalf of you to ensure the faster care committed through eHealth platform by G8ICT Limited


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