ConstructionMate - Monitoring System

G8ICT Limited is offering a ConstructionMate - Monitoring System - a revolutionary platform with Web and Mobile accessibility to monitor the construction projects. This platform helps To Track Progress, Monitor Problems, Helps Engaging Required Team/Individuals, Solve Problems 40% faster and Saves Time & Money.

ConstructionMate Benefits

  • Providing a mechanism to collect real-time field data from work sites
  • Ensuring quality through a comprehensive check-list and adopting best practices
  • Monitoring, assessing and rectifying issues reported from work sites using the monitoring system through photos, videos and comments
  • Ensuring team members tasked with supervision responsibilities are frequently visiting work sites
  • Allocating resources based on the activities / priorities at work sites
  • Motivating and sharing best practices among the staffs across different districts
  • Enabling regional / headquarter consultants to closely monitor the quality of the work
  • Assessing the progress of each individual shelter separately, thus rolling up to show combined progress on each package and the overall project
  • Monitoring, assessing and addressing any social and environmental issues according to social/environmental assessment and mitigation plan
  • Providing access to stakeholders to share comments on quality of construction and reporting any improvement suggestions
  • Establishing transparency in the construction and overall implementation process
ConstructionMate - Monitoring System
Financial & Physical Progress Comparisons
ConstructionMate - benefited areas
Benefited Areas
ConstructionMate - benefited areas
Increased Efficiency in Work-flow
ConstructionMate - benefited areas

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