BiddaOn - The Complete Smart Campus Initiative

G8ICT Limited is offering a BiddaOn - The Complete Smart Campus Initiative for your Schools, Colleges, Universities even the Coaching Centers, Training Centers to track Students, Cohorts, Facilities, Staffs, Teachers and monitor Admission or even collect the fees. BiddaOn is having the following modules currently and can be customized as needed. BiddaOnis having the following modules and can be customized to add or modify as per your needs...

BiddaOn - Modules

  • Students Module
  • Teachers Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Results Module
  • Admission & Fees Management
  • ID Card Management
  • News & Announcements Management
  • Configuration/Settings Management
  • Reporting Management


For Teachers, Parents & Administration

For an Institute (Schools/Colleges/Universities/Training Centers) the most challenging part is student management due to lack of centralized information. BiddaOn will help to manage all data for each students to ensure the smarter way to manage Centralized Student Information

  • See Personal Details
  • View Progress Report
  • View Attendance
  • Home work and Assignments
  • View exam Schedules
  • Access to library activity
  • Take Online Test
  • Online Teacher Interaction
  • and So on...

The second challenging part of operation is managing Teachers & Staffs information. By utilizing the solution BiddaOn, all data can be stored centrally and easily accessible as needed. Its the Smarter way to Centralized Teachers & Staff Information.

  • See and Manage Personal Details
  • View Progress report
  • View Attendance of Teachers
  • Manage & Assign Home work and Assignments
  • Schedule exams, quizes, presentations, assignments, workshops and so on...
  • Access to library activity
  • Take Online Test
  • Online Student Interaction
  • and many more...

Its always challenging to maintain commitment towards the Parents and ensure individuals presence in the class. BiddaOn can help solving this problem by offering Biometric/RFID based attendance of students and automatically/manually send SMS as required to their parents. Isnt it you want to be on Top of Students’ Presence?

  • Integrated Biometric
  • Integrated RFID
  • Low Cost SMS Alert
  • Ensures commitments
  • Monitor Students Absenteeism Patterns
  • Plan ahead with Focused Data
  • and many more...

By utilizing BiddaOn, Results can be viewed properly without any delay with Grading Details for each subject. This results can be shared as well with respective Parents. Utilizing this the Techers can better plan for specific students requiring Focused feedback.

  • Saves Resources & Time
  • Accessible for Students, Teachers & Parents
  • Integrated SMS Alert
  • Saves time for information lookups
  • Helps to Focus on promoting Strong areas & work on weakness areas
  • Ensure transparency in Grading & Results
  • and many more...

For Administration

Be centralized with the Admission tracking through BiddaOn. Track and update to ensure proper information to the interested stakeholders and monitor forecasted updates to ensure organizational growth. Automating the documentation with fees collection and due also will help to identify focused plan.

  • Analyze capacity
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Insert Fees with accuracy
  • Track records
  • Track trends
  • Monitor receivables
  • and many more...

With BiddaOn solution, you don’t need to be dependent anymore with the 3rd Party resource and software to design & track the ID cards for Students, Teachers, Staffs and Visitors. BiddaOn is integrated with RFID & Biometric options with the support to use Printers right away from the system to Print New ID Cards. It also can helps to enable and disable to specific ID cards as required.

  • Design ID Cards
  • Enable & Disable Access with few clicks
  • Reissue ID Cards with no time
  • Allows to maintain documents section/class wise
  • No Additional software or 3rd party dependency
  • Integrated with Printers & RFID/Biometric option
  • and many more...

By Utilizing this module of BiddaOn, you can reach out with updates to specific Stakeholders or a wide range of people with News & Announcements. This can also help the organization to have better Brand Positioning and visibility with timely updates

  • Share Achievements with wide range of Audiance
  • Share Announcements among Students, Teachers, Staffs,Parents or other Stakeholders
  • Engage More People publishing ADs
  • Better Brand Positioning
  • Publish Results
  • Publish Notices
  • and many more...

Create, Modify or Limit the BiddaOn solution based on your preferences. Control your application access, limit users as needed and configure system for Automatic and/or Manual alerts to specific criteria including SMS Notifications for Attendance, Accounts and so on.

  • Module based settings
  • Personalize Preferences
  • Manage Access
  • Permission based view based on entity
  • Control in your Hands
  • Archive Past Data as needed
  • and many more...

BiddaOn helps the management to generate reports as needed to know all activities by pre-defined reporting formats. It also allows to generate custom reports to compare performance in preferred date/department range or all of it separately.

  • Custom Reporting as you need
  • Pre-defined Reporting options
  • Know facts properly by generating proper reports
  • Plan based on Data by the reports
  • Be Focused & Specific with the accurate reports
  • and many more...

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