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In 2016, G8ICT Limited merged with Click2sys which had been established in 2009 focused with IDEA based Innovation in ICT Solution with Collaboration of World’s Leading tech partners and experts based on the unique combination of Leadership, Technical & Business Skilled G8ICT team.
Our approach is to develop meaningful applications (web or mobile) that are helping our customers to solve day to day challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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G8ICT is a RJSC registered Software & ICT solution service provider. The understanding of different arena of Business made G8ICT unique. We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners. We are confident to transform your business.

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G8ICT Limited is focusing on Agricultural ICT needs, Educational ICT needs, Healthcare ICT needs and Operational Excellency to minimize cost & loss and Maximize Profit for organizations. Establishing the SOP not only for our customers but also for our Own Work is our style of work.


The Complete Smart Campus Initiative


A Solution for making Farmers' lives better


Mobile based Health System with Real Doctors

Construction Monitoring

Remote Construction Monitoring System

Consultancy & Training

Professional Training Programs & Consultancy

Cloud Solutions

Enabling Cloud Services

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Our Team does have certification like PMP, ISO 9001:2008, HIPAA and HITECH. We know the SOP, Best Practices and possible loopholes in the processes. You can trust with our expertise and skills. We are not limited with our experience and expertise. Everyday we are learning from you, from the world and making the best solution & service for you. We listen to our stakeholders and we adopt the good things only wehereas we learn from the reported bad things.

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Our major focus is with excellency and to ensure the success, we understand how important it is to have smooth execution with proper support. You will find always there besides you whenever you need us. At G8ICT we create new ideas, come up with new solutions, fix process gaps and ensure business growth. So, you will get our commitment for coming up with solutions for your problems. We strongly beleive, "If there is a Problem, there is a Solution!".

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Our team does have more than 2 decades of experince working in ICT sector inside Bangladesh and outside of Banglaesh. We worked for Bank of America in USA, GATE Elektronik in Turkey and many more. Now, we are commited to add value for Bangladesh with all these know-how, industry standards, best practices around the world for meeting compliance, managing teams properly, increase operational efficiency to meet Digital Bangladesh goals.

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